Resolve to Put Tree Care on Your 2023 List

Tree Services in Charleston

As we enter into a new year, many will resolve to make 2023 their best year ever. Part of turning over a new leaf – pun intended – is thinking about when the last time you hired Charleston tree services was. If it’s been a while, then now is the time to get it done! There are many reasons your trees need a little TLC, but these are some of the critical ones that should have you picking up the phone NOW!


Landscaping trees aren’t just about shading; they enhance the overall look of your landscaping. If you want them to continue to grow and prosper, then it is critical to have them trimmed so that they can grow evenly and be aesthetically pleasing. If you don’t trim trees, they can become lopsided, which will not only make them look off-kilter; it can leave them at risk of falling over during high winds or storms. Trimming will keep them looking healthy and beautiful for the long term.

Prevent Disease

A tree service is a necessary tool to stop disease and fungus from affecting your tree and doing harm. Most of us have no idea how to spot signs that our tree has an issue. An experienced tree service will investigate your trees from top to bottom to ensure that they are healthy and that they aren’t showing signs of illness. If you don’t stop it from the start, not only will it damage your tree; it can potentially spread to the rest of your landscaping!

Trimming is a Must

Trimming isn’t just about ensuring the beauty of your tree; it’s also about ensuring its health. Dead branches that aren’t trimmed properly can rob your tree of nutrients that the live branches need to maintain their health. Trimming encourages healthy growth and allows the lower limbs to receive the sun’s rays, which is critical for growth and development. It is a skill, however, and if you trim a tree incorrectly, you might do more harm than good!

Reduce Property Risk

If your tree has any branches that are not healthy or are overhanging things like electrical wires or your roof, then they need to be cut before they do any damage. During high winds and storms, a tree branch that falls can do a lot of expensive damage to the property surrounding it. as well as damage things like your air conditioning, put holes in your roof, or even be a hazard to people. Properly taking care of your trees is the key to reducing the risk that you will have to make an emergency call to a roof repair service, which costs a fortune!

As we enter another year, many will resolve to do things better in the upcoming year. If it has been a while since you’ve used tree services in Charleston, SC, now is the perfect time to resolve to make sure your trees are well taken care of. Treemen is the clear choice to help with all of your tree service needs. Contact us to schedule your tree service for 2023 today!