Is Fall a Good Time to Plant Trees?

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As we head into fall, many wonder whether it is a good time to plant landscaping trees or if they are better off waiting for the warmth of the spring. Although it might seem like common sense that things grow better in the spring, you might be surprised to know that fall is a much better time to plant. If you are wondering if now is a good time to Google “tree service near me” to add trees, the answer is definitely “yes.”

Why is Fall a Good Time to Plant Trees?

Whether you want to add trees or shrubs to enhance your landscaping, fall offers many advantages over other seasons. Not only is it a much more comfortable time for the planter, but without the heat and humidity, it is more beneficial for the plant. The mixture of cool air and warm soil helps to stimulate root growth so that the roots can take hold before the temperatures of winter really dip. So if you are going to plant, now is the best time to Google “tree service near me” and hire us to get started.

How Do I Select the Right Trees and Shrubs to Plant?

If you plant a tree correctly and in the right conditions, it can last for decades or more. That’s why you want to be selective about the type and kind of landscaping and trees you choose. You need to factor in many different things, both for the look and flow of your landscape as well as the type of tree you pick. Consider what you want the tree to look like year-round, such as bloom times and the number of leaves that you want to be responsible for picking up.

How Late Can You Plant Trees in the Fall?

Since we live in a region where the ground is never really frozen, you can generally extend planting past the first frost. In the South, planting a tree can usually be done throughout the winter since we don’t have the extreme cold temperatures of other regions. Since it is best not to shock roots too much in young trees, however, the earlier you plant them with warmer ground conditions, the better.

What is the Cost to Have a Tree Planted?

Planting a tree has an additional fee for service, but when you consider that the tree itself might be expensive, then having a professional plant it is always a good idea. Your landscaping is a long-term investment just like many home improvements, so if you are going to invest, it is best to spend a bit more to ensure that the planting has the best chance for success throughout the winter and well into the spring. The cost of planting a tree will range significantly according to the tree size, the type of tree you choose, how many you want to be planted, how mature the tree is, permits and fees (when applicable), and the amount of labor and type of equipment that is necessary.

As we head into fall, many wonder if it is too late to plant trees for a beautiful bloom in the spring. The good news is that you can probably plant a tree in South Carolina well into the winter. For the best chance of growth success, however, early to mid-fall is probably the best time to Google “tree service near me” and add to your landscaping. At Tree Men, we are a full-service provider that can handle anything from planting to trimming. Contact us today to schedule having a new tree planted before the holidays!