Five Reasons That You Need to Hire a Tree Care Service

Tree Care Services in Mt Pleasant SC

When it comes to landscaping, things tend to get missed unless they are yelling for your attention. But if you have a tree problem lurking, it is critical to be proactive. Trees can have all sorts of issues that you might not know about if you don’t have them checked regularly, which is why periodic inspections are necessary. But if you see any of these signs that you need a tree service in Charleston, call immediately!

Your Tree is Too Large to Take Down Alone

If your tree looks like it is dead and isn’t going to make it through the next season, taking it down is not a good do-it-yourself project. Trees tend to look a lot less dangerous than they are. When you stop to consider that an average tree can weigh upwards of 20,000 pounds, it is easy to see why it isn’t a job for just two guys and a truck. Before you tackle something that’s likely to be more than you can handle, it is a good idea to call the professionals.

Your Tree is Encroaching on an Electrical Line

The rule of thumb is that a tree branch or limb should never be closer than ten feet to any electrical or power line. If it is, then you need to call a professional trimming service immediately. A tree that is too close to electrical lines can lead to power outages, fires, and bodily harm. So rather than trying to get out a power tool and take care of it yourself, make sure it is taken care of safely!

You Have a Stump That Needs Grinding

Frequently, one of the most difficult parts of removing a tree is that although the tree was not viable and needed to be taken out, the roots are deeply embedded. Stump grinders are powerful machines that help to uproot the root system so that you don’t have to worry about the tree growing back. The grinder erases any sign that a tree was there to begin with, so you don’t have to continually work around the spacing of the stump in your landscape design.

You Have Branches Overhanging Your Roof

One of the biggest dangers to your roof, outside of hail and heavy storms, is low-lying branches. When the South Carolina winds pick up, if a branch is too close to your roof, it can lead to expensive damage. Also, branches that are hanging over your roof are hard to get to, which is why hiring a professional company with the tools, equipment, and training is the best way to go!

You Have a Downed Tree

If your tree fell over during a storm, it is a good idea to have someone come and remove it. Sometimes to save pennies, we spend dollars. Not only will a full-size tree take you hours to cut up and remove; you will still have to deal with the issues about where to bring the wood and how to get rid of the root. It is always best to do what you can and hire professionals to do the rest.

It is a good idea to have your trees checked regularly to ensure that there aren’t any signs of disease or decay and make sure they are healthy. But if you have any of the issues above, it is important to hire a professional service like Tree Men. We have the tools, the licenses, the insurance, and the savvy to take care of all of your tree problems, whatever they are. Contact us today to help you with any tree problem you are facing.