Don’t Just Google “Storm Cleanup Near Me”!

If you have a downed tree after a storm, would you know who to call? Don’t just Google “storm cleanup near me.” A tree can weigh upwards of 20,000 pounds or more, which is why hiring professionals is critical for everyone’s safety. Before you hire someone to help, make sure to look for these five things that signal a company can handle your storm cleanup crisis!

Licensed and Insured

Trees look pretty harmless until they fall over – or worse, on something. The conditions in South Carolina can make trees fall more readily than in other parts of the nation. Removing a tree can be dangerous, and you have to have the right training, knowledge, and insurance to cover yourself and your customers should something happen. Before you hire a tree service, make sure that you see a certificate of insurance to verify!


There is a difference between being cost-conscious and cheap. When you hire a cheap service, cheap service is what you get. With something as dangerous as a tree, it is best not to find out the hard way why a company is so cheap. Of course, cost has to be a consideration, but it should not be the whole reason you choose one company over another. Make sure to factor everything in before making such a serious decision.


A tree service not only needs the right training, education, and certifications, but they also need the right tools. At Tree Men, we upgrade and maintain the latest and most innovative tree equipment to ensure that our employees are as safe as can be, and that our clients and their homes are as well. A company that invests in itself is one that you want to hire because that means they are investing in you too!


One of the best ways to gauge the quality of a company’s care is by reading what their clients’ experiences are. Online reviews and ratings are an excellent way to investigate the reputation of a company. A customer that has had an excellent experience is usually more than happy to share. In reverse, one that has had a not-so-good experience will sometimes be happy to give others a heads-up!

If a storm rolls through and downs a tree on your property, would you know who to call? Although a downed tree from a storm is an emergency that needs to be dealt with, don’t simply Google “storm cleanup near me” and choose at random. Who you hire really does matter for your home, your family, and your own safety. Contact Tree Men to schedule your appointment for storm cleanup today. We have the experience, expertise, and reputation for excellence that you deserve!