To remove a tree safely, it often has to be cut up into sections; it can’t just be plucked from the ground. Once the tree is removed the stump is left, and although the tree was compromised in some way, the root system is often still very much intact. Stump grinding is a way to remove the root system of the tree so that it doesn’t affect your landscaping. A stump grinder is an extremely powerful machine designed to get at a tree’s root system and grind it up into smaller pieces to remove it from the ground.

We have cutting-edge machinery

Stump Grinding in MT Pleasant SC

The key to successful and safe tree service is investing in equipment that can both handle the job and provide the most safety features for everyone. We have cutting-edge machinery like stump grinders to let us get at the heart of the root system and remove it so that it’s like it was never there. We also do this efficiently and with as little disruption to the surrounding landscaping as possible. Also, a stump grinder is necessary so that there isn’t a risk of the tree re-sprouting in the same position.